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What is SEO & why does it matter?

There are inexpensive web design options like WIX that might help you build a pretty decent looking website.  Often though, the website gets stuck on page 20 of search results and the customers just aren’t coming in as you expected.  Prospects simply will never find you.  90% of internet users never look farther than page 1.  Your new website without SEO is, for all intents and purposes, useless.  The internet is a big, dark and crowded space.  There are approximately 1.5 billion websites online.  There are 3.5 billion keyword searches daily!  How is anyone ever going to find your new website in the middle of all that chaos?

If you ever want to be found by shoppers for your lawn & landscape services, you have to be using proper search engine optimization, in other words, landscaper SEO.  SEO is a term applied to all the various different tools that are put into your website to collectively move your site higher in search ranking and more importantly, make your website appear on page 1 for the exact people who are shopping for your services and in your specific area.  It is of little help to show up in Texas search results when you mow lawns in Illinois.  Each service your company offers is specifically targeted for search results, as are the specific communities where you work and want to grow your business.


SEO can loosely be grouped under 2 unique catagories:

Front End Landscaping SEO

Back End Landscaping SEO

If all that sounds a bit confusing, fear not.  I handle it all so you don’t even have to think about it.   Because the majority of landscaper SEO is content based, I work tirelessly, month in and month out to keep the information on your website up to date, informative and of the highest quality to keep your lawn site at the top of search engine rankings.

It is this continual, month to month, effort that often gets put on the back burner after the initial site build and that effects your results.  There is nothing like a blog page that hasn’t been updated in years to tell a customer that your business appearance is not a priority to you.  When someone first sees your website, it should immediately demonstrate your commitment to a professional appearance.  If you don’t keep your own website looking great, it suggests you might not leave their lawn looking great either.  A professional lawn and landscape website design is an asset you simply must have to stay competitive.   

I Have the Solutions!

I worked for decades in the lawn and landscape industry.  I know the business!  I build great landscaping websites that will land your business on page 1 of your local Google search within 90 days… guaranteed!   I have proven methods to provide exceptionally effective marketing at a price that any business owner will appreciate. My doing a great job at a great price translates to a huge return on your investment.  The bottom line is profits and I will boost your business’s profits… period. 
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Ready to Talk?

Quetzal Web Design

Why Choose Me?

I am a small, sole proprietor, business and I am the guy that does the actual work.   If you decide to work with me, I am the person who answers your phone calls, fulfills your requests, answers your questions and solves your problems.  You won’t get lost in the shuffle of a large marketing firm that does not understand your business. 
I manage every step in the process of the design, construction and maintenance of your business’s landscaper SEO.   I know the web technologies needed to create attractive, visual, effective, lead generating landscaping websites.  My work will provide you a beautiful front end site but more importantly, I know how to design efficient back-end coding that will get your business to the front of the line and keep it there.
I strive for long term, mutually beneficial relationships.  I work as a silent partner in your business’s success.  I am part of your team.  My priority is your success.  As a result of my knowledge of the landscaping industries, I can provide the lawn mowing website design that delivers the results you are looking for without you having to take the time to provide guidance.  All the hassle is taken out of marketing your business, allowing you to focus on what is happening in the field.
Lawn care business website example from Quetzal Web Design portfolio
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Lawn landscape business website example from Quetzal Web Design portfolio
Lawn landscape business website example from Quetzal Web Design portfolio


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