Quetzal Web Designs “Resources” Page is a Client Favorite

Each month I add additional information to your “resources” page that includes home and garden events in your area, local botanical gardens and helpful resources in near you. Before long your website becomes an invaluable resource for gardeners in your particular geographical area. Eventually, your lawn business website becomes THE encyclopedic authority on all things lawn, landscape, and garden in your service area.

Not only will your clients appreciate the information but Google likes being fed new content that shows your site is active. These updates go a long way to keeping your business on page 1 of Google search results. An inactive website that never has anything new added tells Google that that site is being ignored and should be ranked lower in the search results.

The details of search engine optimization get a little “nerdy”. If you would rather spend your time doing what you do best, maintain landscapes, then leave the tech work to me. My entire focus will be on keeping your business on page 1 of Google search results for the communities you serve.

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