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Website Design

Today, web services and online marketing provide for the most cost effective and efficient means to showcase your products and services and build your brand image. Your website forms the core for all online marketing strategies.  My lawn landscape website design services are built specifically to do just that… form the core of your online marketing.

My goal is to produce lawn and landscape sites that are attractive, responsive and intuitive. More importantly though, I strive to build and maintain sites that result in YOU being seen as the local expert in your specific industry and in your specific community.

I specialize in meeting the needs of small business as I am small business myself. I am your one stop shop to handle all aspects of your lawn and landscape business’s online presence. Contact me now to get started today!

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Fresh Content

After your lawn site is built, it is important that it does not become static. Search engines like to see fresh content and so do your customers.  There is nothing like a BLOG that has not been updated in years to tell potential customers you are not interested in keeping them informed and updated.

My lawn landscape website design services are continually refreshed with new material each month to keep your website looking great and full of helpful information.  Before too long, you’ll have the most informative and comprehensive website in your area.   That gives you an edge over the competition.  Local lawn, landscape and gardening events in your area are updated regularly along with monthly blog content.

Website maintenance


The purpose of SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is to have your lawnsite found by search engines and drive traffic to your website.  To accomplish this, my lawn landscape website design services use a wide variety of tools including keywords, tags, titles, links, headers and attributes.

Search Engine algorithms are continuously evolving and your website has to keep up. To keep your business out front, I regularly use analytical tools to evaluate your sites performance and lay the groundwork for continual improvement.

Your lawn and landscape website design will be responsive.  My landscaper web designs don’t just look great but also function perfectly on any screen, be it phone, tablet or desktop.

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All CMS, Content Management Systems, are fluid, ever changing and require regular maintenance.  Much like a property’s landscape, an online site is never really completely finished.  There is always something to be pruned, something to be installed and something to be updated.

Websites require plugin updates, security updates, new content and SEO analysis.  These are just a few examples of everything that must be done on a regular basis to keep your landscaper site looking it’s best.

To keep your lawn care site safe, secure and reliable,  all content is  scanned daily for needed updates.  Finally, for your security and peace of mind, your site is backed up nightly.

Benefits of SEO

  • Visibility

    Maximize your website's visibility with the search engines.

  • Traffic

    Drive more qualified prospects to your website.

  • Competition

    Stay up with and ahead of your competitors by continually fine tuning SEO.

  • Conversion

    Increase your sales conversion and return on investment.

  • Recognition

    Be recognized as a leading professional in your industry.

How I keep your business looking its best!

Your initial green industry website construction will include...

  • Lawn and Landscape Website Build

    High page number website dedicated to your particular green industry services.

  • Website Hosting

    Secure hosting

  • Responsive Website Design

    Formatted for desktop, tablet and phone

  • Social Media

    Linked to your choice of social media outlets

  • Green Industry Blog

    3 lawn and garden related starter articles.

  • Lawn & Garden Resources Page

    Helpful page with landscape and gardening resources in your area.

  • Lawn Route Service Calendar

    If your business includes a route with a specific calendar, it will show up here for your clients reference. Customers love it!

  • Google Maps

    Google map highlights the geographical areas you serve.

  • SEO

    Website is search engine optimized so Google finds your site pages.

  • Security

    SSL certification provides complete security with a cryptographic key to your business's website.

  • Google Analytics

    Once installed on your site, Google Analytics allows me to monitor what is working on your website and what can be improved.

Your optional, ongoing monthly maintenance will include...

  • Fresh Content

    Each month, relevant lawn & garden articles are added to your blog and social media sites.

  • Site Revisions

    Anytime you want to add or change images or text, I can make monthly adjustments. Time limitations apply.

  • LawnSite Website Hosting

    Ongoing website hosting provided along with custom email addresses.

  • Green Industry Blog

    I add monthly blog postings to your information library.

  • Social Media

    Landscape related blog entries are simultaneously posted to your business's social media sites.

  • Lawn Route Service Calendar

    If you run a lawn route, your clients will love this page so they know exactly when you will be there. Revised as needed.

  • Lawn and Garden Resource Page

    Fresh content is added monthly to keep your customers informed of local lawn and garden news and events.

  • Website Plugins

    Site plugins are scanned daily to insure your landscaper website has all the latest updates.

  • Google Analytics

    Google analytics is reviewed monthly for insight on ways to improve your site performance.

  • SEO

    I apply the insights from Analytics to fine tune your lawn site SEO to keep your site out front.

  • Website Backups

    Your landscape business website is fully backed up daily! Rest assured!

Use the form below to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you and learning how I can help you achieve greater success with your green industry business.


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