If your business services include turf care, fertilization and pest control your website will have a dedicated page for that and every other service your company provides.  If you work exclusively in turf care and pest control, then each separate component of your work gets its own web page, for example we could distinguish between commercial and residential work.  Fertilization, weed control, fungicides, indoor and outdoor pest control, along with any other services you want to highlight each has its own dedicated web page.

In addition to a page specifically for each of your turf care and pest services, I clearly target the communities and towns where you would like to pick up business.  Targeted areas are clearly laid out on the website with lists and also with maps. Finally, I have a few tricks up my sleeve so that search engine optimization provides an exact match for the Google search query your prospect enters into the search bar.

Your website built by Quetzal Web Design is constructed with the marketing and SEO to create a lead generating funnel that will grow your business in the exact geographical areas you want to grow… all at a price you’ll love.  

Quetzal Web Design is the #1 value in green industry websites!

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